There are different ways of making bar stools taller. Following are some of the known methods:

Method 1: Creating/purchasing your leg extenders. These extenders will be added to the bottom of the stool. 

Method 2: Adding a slipcover and add some extra cushion. 

So, in this article, we will be discussing the steps of both methods:

Method 1: Creating Your Leg Extenders

  1. Measure the Surface of the bar stool

In this step, we need to measure the surface area of the stool. Measure it using a tape measure and make sure that we make our measurement as per the measurement of the stool and not for any other barstool that we might own.

  1. Measure the Stool

Next, you must measure your barstool. Use a ruler or any other device to measure the distance between your inside leg and outside leg while standing straight. You need that number to get your surface’s height right. During this step, you might want to do a test run with your barstool. It will help you feel the height right.

  1. Measure the Legs

To do this properly, you need to measure the size of the legs of your stool. The measurements are taken from the joint of two legs till it meets its surface. If possible, use a ruler to take these measurements directly from the joint where it touches its surface or take it off from one leg to another if that is easier for you.

  1. Pick out PVC

For this part, you need to pick out PVC piping using the measurements you took in the previous step. You can use a ruler for this purpose. Ensure that you are using the exact pipe size by comparing them with another piece of pipe, if possible, to have binding ends. 

  1. Cut the PVC Pipe

Here, it would help if you cut the pipe. Use a pipe cutter or any other device that can cut the PVC pipe like a saw, then cut it into two equal parts, about three to four inches each. Take small steps while cutting the PVC pipe; otherwise, you might end up creating unusable pieces by losing valuable length in your pipe.

  1. Trim the Legs

This step is all about trimming the legs of your stool so that they can properly fit into our newly made extenders. You can use a knife for this purpose. To do this, place your piece of cut PVC pipe on the legs of the bar stool. Then, place your extender on top of it and slide it into its leg, then do the same on the other end by sliding it into that leg’s extender. You can then hold both these pieces together with some string to ensure they are not loose. Next, you can trim off the extra length of the details so that you get your requested height for your barstool.

  1. Place Extenders

Now, here you put these pieces together to work correctly with each other and give you your requested height for your stool. First, you need to slide your extender into the two legs of your stool and make sure that it is touching the surface of your stool. Then, place the other extender on the other side and make it feel its surface as well. Make sure that you hold these pieces tightly till they are in position and do not fall off. After which, you can use those pieces to double-check if those were measured properly; if those pieces are touching well with each other, then you’re all set now.

Method 2: Adding a Slipcover 

This method does require a little more work, but the results are pretty much the same as method 1. 

  1. Measure your Surface:

Firstly, measure your surface area of the bar stool by using a tape measure, and make sure that you complete our measurement as per the measurement of the stool and not for any other barstool that you might own.   

  1. Measure your Bar Stool:

Then measure the length of your bar stool. Use a ruler or any other device to measure the distance between your inside leg and outside leg while standing straight. You need that number to get your surface’s height right.   

  1. Measure Your Slipcover:

Next, you must measure your slipcover using a tape measure or any other device that can measure this length. Make sure that the width of the slipcover is at least six to eight inches wider than the width of your stool so that it can adequately cover it. As for the height, make sure that it covers over your stool but does not touch its surface to not affect its length.   

  1. Buy a Cushion:

In this step, you must get yourself a suitable cushion for your barstool. Make sure that the pillow’s height is two inches to three inches taller than your stool’s surface so that it gives it a more elevated look. 

  1. Assemble Slipcover and Cushion:

Assemble the slipcover and cushion. In this step, you need to put the slipcover over the stool and create a look-alike by pulling it tight enough. After which, place the cushion on top of it so that it covers its top side well. Then, place the pillow over the backrest of your stool so that it perfectly covers its surface and increases its height.

  1. Finishing Up:

In this final step, you must trim off any extra length from your slipcover and cushion so that they do not hinder you from sitting down well on your stool. Also, you need to trim off the excess slipcover at least a little bit below your stool’s lip; if it is a little bit too low, then it might fall over after you sit down on it.

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So, this was all about the various ways in which you can raise your barstool and make it taller. These methods were simple enough to easily DIY it yourself instead of buying one from a store.